"What's Hot, What's Not" columns

What's Hot & What's Not" ran as a weekly column for 7 years in the Waukesha Freeman daily newspaper, and was often picked up nationally by other newspapers in the Thomson chain. It provided a genuine review of a new product or consumer trend, in a humorous, pun-filled style. Kay Nolan paid for all products, and was never solicited nor reimbursed by any manufacturers or their representatives.

Platform shoes are a step in wrong direction
When a political candidate has a platform, he or she is standing up for a belief. When a shoe has a platform, the wearer's ability to take any kind of firm stand is beyond belief.

Fad gets lots of "smileage"
They're back again....

Dippin' Dots gives ice cream a new look
Some say it looks like candy sprinkles. Some say it looks like kitty litter. The vanilla variety looks a lot like winter sidewalk salt pellets.

One hot idea
Heated driver's seat geets warm reception
A car can be a cold thing to get into on a winter day.

Grief or graffiti?
New coffin expresses after-death wishes
When people finish a year of high school, they get a yearbook, and all their classmates sign it...

Like flavored water chunky-style?
New fruity drink has floating bits
You gotta love the clever name of this new line of fruit-flavored bottled water from the makers of Clearly Canadian: Orbitz.

beans that spout

Put a song in your kitchen
WingSong bird feeder eavesdrops on the birds
"I have to change the batteries on the bird feeder."

Beans that spout
Soft toys give off silly words, sounds
Given the overblown popularity of small stuffed animals with cutesy names on heart-shaped tags, sooner or later, there would be spoofs. Someone was bound to take a lighter approach to this fad.

beans that spout

The wrist of the story...
Idea for vibrating mouse doesn’t click
Vibrating mouse pads offer more annoyance than massage.

A product to warm up to
Thawing plate does the trick
Thawing plates help defrost food quickly, a boon for busy families.


Bracelets have Christian meaning
If it makes you think, the slogan fills its purpose. But the possible scenarios are eternally amusing.