Thousands of conservatives rally on Milwaukee lakefront against too much government

By Kay Nolan,  September 20, 2009

Kay Nolan is a contributing writer for WisPolitics.com. This article ran in the September 20, 2009 issue.

MILWAUKEE — Conservative speakers, including GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker (left) and Milwaukee Co. Sheriff David Clarke, got cheers from thousands at Veterans Park on the lakefront as they called for limited government, lower taxes and more freedom.

The “tea party” rally was sponsored by the Wisconsin chapter of the conservative Americans for Prosperity group.

The crowd — mostly middle-aged and white, many wearing red, white and blue clothing — resembled 4th of July picnickers. Homemade signs abounded: “Born Free but Taxed to Death,” “M.I.A. Principles and Values in D.C.” and “Today’s Democrats are Radical Socialists.” Attendees cheered and clapped as speakers talked about patriotism and called for “taking back government.”