A decisive gubernatorial win for Scott Walker — and a speech that mentions America more often than Wisconsin

By Kay Nolan, November 5, 2014

Gov. Scott Walker told a cheering crowd at State Fair Park that “we understand that true freedom and prosperity doesn’t come from the mighty hand of the government but comes from empowering people to live their own lives,” as he won his third statewide election in four years.

Walker, who was up by 9 percentage points when Dem opponent Mary Burke conceded, referred to America and to Washington throughout
the speech.

“In America, opportunity is equal, but the outcome is up to you,” Walker said. “America is one of the few places in the world where it doesn’t matter what your parents do for a living, it doesn’t matter what class you’re born into, in America, you can do anything you want.”

Walker said there is a “sea change” of difference between Wisconsin and Washington, because Washington “is all against something but we
are for something.”