In visit to Milwaukee, Vinehout says she could woo swing voters in general election

By Kay Nolan, May 6, 2012

Gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Vinehout spent Saturday afternoon in the heart of Milwaukee, where she told residents of the Riverwest neighborhood that she’s the candidate who can win over the small but crucial undecided vote that will determine the outcome of the recall.

With polls showing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a dead heat with Gov. Scott Walker, Vinehout said it makes sense to choose a Democratic candidate who can win swing voters in what she calls Wisconsin’s “fertile crescent” — a curved swath stretching from La Crosse and Eau Claire, through Wausau and up through Green Bay and northward.

“This is where Walker’s numbers are soft,” Vinehout told a small group gathered at the Riverwest Public House, a community-owned bar that serves as a neighborhood center.