Karl Rove, Robert Gibbs weigh in on Scott Walker presidential chances, John Doe probe

By Kay Nolan, June 28, 2014

Two national political strategists on Friday agreed Gov. Scott Walker has a chance of winning the Republican 2016 presidential nomination despite negative publicity over a John Doe investigation.

Dem strategist Robert Gibbs, former press secretary to President Barack Obama, placed Walker in the top three or four candidates for the GOP nomination.

“Republicans are more likely to vote for someone who doesn’t live in Washington, and I think Scott Walker is at the top of that list,” Gibbs said. “There’s about 10 that actually have a good shot at it. I tend to believe that they are likely to nominate someone like a Jeb Bush, someone like a Scott Walker, who can talk about what they’ve done in their own state. But (Walker) has a lot of legal issues that he has to explain a lot more. That scrutiny gets to be amazing. A whole
lot of organizations with a whole lot of resources are going to be doing that and people are going to want answers.”