Mary Burke denies Trek firing; accuses Walker of last-minute smear

By Kay Nolan, October 31, 2014

PORT WASHINGTON — Mary Burke on Thursday said she stands by her performance record at Trek Bicycle and called former Trek COO Tom Albers a liar with “an ax to grind.”

Burke linked claims this week by Albers and former Trek employee Gary Ellerman that she had been fired by Trek to what she called Gov. Scott Walker’s
efforts to attack the Wisconsin bicycle manufacturer founded by Burke’s family. “These are complete lies, fabrications,” Burke told reporters at a campaign stop at Molded Dimensions manufacturing facility.

“Tom (Albers) has an ax to grind, Gary Ellerman has an ax to grind, and it just shows Scott Walker is not going to stop at anything. He is a career politician
who will do anything to win an election, including lies, smears and dragging a great Wisconsin company through the mud.”