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Preparing for retirement: It’s not only money

By Kay Nolan,  April 2013

When AARP Wisconsin staff member Mariann Muzzi began to organize a program that helps people plan for their emotional, social and financial well-being in retirement, it hit her: “I need to be doing this for myself.” While Muzzi, 59, fantasizes about pursuing photography and spending time with her grandchildren,
she’s done little to prepare for retirement beyond contributing to a 401(k) plan.

She said she’s come to realize that money is an important component of retirement, but it is not the only thing. “An individual can have lots of resources and have an unfulfilling retirement. And an individual can have few resources and have a very fulfilling retirement,” she said.

That’s what the AARP “Ready for Retirement” program aims to convey to people ages 50 to 64: Look at retirement in a holistic way.