Reeling Cart & Case makes moving easier for businesses

By Kay Nolan,  July 8, 2011

When a business decides to move its operations to a different location, it can be exciting. But it also entails a very practical, logistical reality: how to physically move desks, cubicle panels, files and other equipment from one place to another.

A simple hand truck or dolly won’t do.

And that’s where Reeling Cart & Case, a small, family-owned business in Pewaukee, steps in. It makes heavyduty moving carts for sale or rent to commercial moving firms. And when those moving companies have a client with something tricky to pack and move safely, Reeling Cart will make customized carts and shipping crates.

Along the same lines, Reeling has found a niche in the shipping and packaging industry, for which it crafts custom parts to protect items with unusual shapes or delicate parts.
For example, one of Reeling’s clients recently needed to ship industrial pumps for a customer. It contacted Reeling to make special wooden protective covers for the ends of the pumps.