Scott Walker calls Mary Burke liar over wages; denies attack on Disability Rights group; vows to call special session over voter ID

By Kay Nolan, April 1, 2014

Gov. Scott Walker today called Dem gubernatorial opponent Mary Burke’s claim that Wisconsin wages are declining at double the rate of other states “an outright lie.”

“It just shows that the opposition will do and say anything regardless of the facts,” Walker told reporters following an appearance at Badger Alloys in Milwaukee.

“The facts are employment has gone down consistently since I’ve been in office, and she still stands by an ad that says unemployment went up when every major independent fact checker has shown she was wrong,” said Walker. “It’s an outright lie. I think we see it again with this. What it tells me is that unfortunately, going ahead into the fall elections, it’s likely our opponent, both the individual opponent and groups likely to come in from out of state, are going to do and say anything regardless of the facts.”