Walker rallies supporters, says suggestion he’s target of John Doe probe ‘100 percent wrong’

By Kay Nolan, June 3, 2012

Gov. Scott Walker rallied supporters Saturday, telling them every voter contact will make a difference come Election Day, and said any suggestion he’s become a target of the John Doe probe are “100 percent wrong.”

After several stops across the state Saturday, Walker hit a campaign office in Wauwatosa. He told reporters he has not heard anything further from the Milwaukee County DA’s office about the John Doe probe that has ensnared his former aides from his days at Milwaukee County executive. He brushed off a report from Current TV’s David Shuster that the guv has been told he’s a target of the probe as “spin from those on the left.”

“Absolutely not. One hundred percent wrong. Could not be more wrong,” said Walker, when asked if he or his lawyers have been told he is a target. “That’s just more of the liberal scare tactics out there, desperately trying to get the campaign off target from what it was to begin with. The recall was about our reforms, our opponents don’t want to talk about them, then they shifted to jobs, but the facts show that jobs are winning and now they want to switch to something else.”