Walker’s campaign event offers differing opinions on guv’s cooperation pledge

By Kay Nolan, June 6, 2012

When Gov. Scott Walker made his victory speech Tuesday night, he mentioned his desire to move forward and put the rancorous election behind him.

“I’m committed to it whether you voted for me or not,” said Walker, suggesting meetings with Dems over beers and brats.

 Some Walker supporters at his victory party agreed that Walker should try to heal the rift. But many others — along with some GOP politicians who were present — defiantly rejected the idea of reaching out to the other side.

Kevin Hladilek, a small business owner from Kenosha, said he admires that “Walker is doing what he said he was going to do” but said the guv needs to learn to offer some compromise in the future.

“More talk about what he’s trying to propose and try to come to a compromise, because, I mean, our government’s not supposed to operate by just jamming any kind of legislation down our throats,” said Hladilek. “Just talk a little bit more and be a little more compromising.”